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New Hire Discrimination Policy: Discrimination of any kind is not acceptaple and needs to be reported immediatley. Our report violation page is an annonymous page that any employee can use to notify Human Resources of a violoation they have either witnessed or been a vicitim of. Our discrimination policy is also posted, according to federal law, at all of our locations.

The following written plan is a requirement for all employees to read, understand, and agree semi-annually.

Our IT system supports digital form flow and protecting customer data is extremely important. The following section outlines security process, log in procedures, computer risk awareness, locking work stations, sharing passwords, and phishing scam alerts with web-sender address examples.

Security Processes: The digital forms are intended to access after logging in to your account. Your security during use includes you making sure your work station is not left unattended. No one is viewing your workstation. Also make sure to close all forms and clear the printer of any printed forms.

Log In Procedures: You login is set at your time of hire and you can request the register link from your manage, human resources-staff, or tech support if you need to reset your password or username. Spot for link to tech support.

Computer Risk Awareness: Your work station has cache memory and needs to be protected as well do not uninstall any antivirus software already on your work station. The system is intended for office use and mobile features are also available. It is important to report any damage or theft right away to your manager or human resources team. If you suspect someone has tampered with your work station please alert us right away as well.

Locking Your Work Station: The SaaS application for sales form flow may store consumer information when left unattended. Make sure your lock your work station or successful log out of your account before leaving your work station unattended for any amount of time. Malware and keylogging detection are additonal services that help prevent consumer theft and to help support malware attacks avoid suspicous downloads, links, and emails requesting for any type consumer or business related information. We also recommned clearing your browing data, cookies, and logging in and out correctly prior to using the site.






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